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Join 2015 Fall Flag Football Today!

By Engage Sports on 8/10/2015



The goal of the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) Fall Flag Football Program is to blend skill development with a fun environment to foster an interest in the great game of football. The program is open to all area Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade players and teams.

CFA has partnered with Elite Football Academy so that coaches and players receive the proper instruction required to lead young men.

Practice and games will be played on Saturday 8:30am to 10:00am, September 12th through October 31st and taught by Elite Football Academy Coaches

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Program Features:
Beginner to Intermediate (No Experience Necessary)
Learn Individual and Team Skills
Players grouped by age
One session per week
Practice & Games Same Day!
Taught by Elite Football Academy Coaches 

NFL Punt, Pass & Kick

By Engage Sports on 6/17/2015

 NFL Punt ,Pass & Kick

When:  Wednesday, August 26th at 5:30pm

Where: Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex

Who:  Boys & Girls Ages 6-15



Chesterfield Football Association coaches are Heads Up Certified by USA Football

By Trica Cullinane on 5/4/2015

More than 2,100 youth tackle football players age 5-15 across 100 teams and 10 youth organizations spanning four states were matched for location, socio-economic, playing standard and other factors. Datalys placed independent athletic trainers at the leagues’ practice and game fields to manage and document player health. Datalys’ study of the Heads Up Football program employed the same intensive methodology as its NCAA Injury Surveillance Program and the National Injury Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATIONTM). Of the 2,108 players in the study’s sample, 1,404 were in Heads Up Football-practicing leagues, and 704 were in leagues that did not employ Heads Up Football. Datalys sought a two-to-one difference in 2014 Heads Up Football program players to balance its youth football safety surveillance data from 2012-13.

Why Football Matters

By Trica Cullinane on 4/28/2015

Why Football Matters, by John Harbaugh

"Football is under attack, but the game and the values it instills in young men are critical to our society."

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St. Louis Rams Training Academy

By Trica Cullinane on 4/23/2015

St. Louis Rams Training Academy

Play Smarter, Play Faster, Play Elite

The St. Louis Rams Training Academy - Powered by Elite Football & Elite Performance  - is proud to offer all football players the most complete athletic performance and football skills development program in the country: Football 360 this unique program develops long lasting speed, rapid change of direction, plus football specific functional strength, and elite level, position specific skills.  

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By Mike Williams on 1/27/2015
1. Player Certification - Additional Household Information - VERY IMPORTANT
The Gateway Football League (GFL) By-Laws specifies, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) must determine a player’s primary residence when determining the eligibility of a particular player.  

New process - In support of the certification process, all families will have to enter their Primary Address, Time Spent at the Primary Address, along with their player’s School Name and School’s Zip Code.   If a player does not have a Secondary Address, then family will submit N/A in the Secondary Address field, and 0% in the field for How Much Time at the Secondary Address.

What if my player resides at two residences?
We realize there may be situations where players may live at multiple addresses due to their family situation.    In the event a player resides at multiple addresses, all families will have to enter their Primary Address, Time spent at the Primary Address, a Secondary Address, Time spent at the Secondary Address, along with their player’s School Name and School’s Zip Code.   

PLEASE NOTE:   All parties involved, player, player’s parent, head coach, assistant coach, business manager, and CFA are responsible to make certain player’s information submitted during the registration process is accurate.   Please note the information submitted during registration is utilized by CFA for the league certification process.  Any player, player’s parent, coach, or business manager who knowingly omits or submits false information as part of the registration or certification process, will face disciplinary action from CFA.

2. Volunteer Information - No Mandatory Work Duty 
For the 2015 season, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) has eliminated the Mandatory Work Duty Requirement and Work Duty Buyout.    CFA still relies upon many volunteers to support the operation of our organization.     While the mandatory work duty requirement has been removed, CFA is still looking for volunteers to assist with Equipment Pick Up/Equipment Return, and Field Set Up.  If you would like to volunteer for a 2 to 3 hour shift, please click on the attached link during registration to schedule a time to volunteer.   Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community.  

3. Fundraiser - $90
In 2015, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) has transitioned to a mandatory fundraiser.  The fundraiser amount was reduced by $30 to $90.  Each family will receive 6 car wash certificates to either resell, use, or give as a gift.     Proceeds from the CFA Fundraiser support the maintenance of our helmets and shoulder pads.  

4. Uniforms - $65
In 2015, each player will get to keep their jersey.   A player will receive three jerseys – Old Navy; Old White; and a New Navy or Gold (with the player name on the back)

What Happens if Severe/Inclement Weather Occurs During Practice

By Mike Williams on 8/6/2014

What should I do when severe weather occurs during practice?

Last night provided a good reminder of what to do in the event of inclement/severe weather.     When there is a threat of severe weather, CFA and City of Chesterfield are in close communication to assess/monitor the status of the fields.   

An air horn will notify coaches, players, and parents when the there is a delay due to severe weather.  It is City of Chesterfield and CFA policy that if practice is delayed or cancelled (listen for horn) due to bad weather during practice, every coach, player, and parent goes to their cars and not the pavilion. 

If a player is dropped off and no parent is present, the coaches are responsible to get their players in cars.  When there is a chance of severe weather, we strongly suggest that you should stay with your son instead of dropping him off.

Each strike of lightning results in a 20 minute delay. 

In all cases, do not wait for a horn if you feel conditions are not safe for your son.   

Prior to Practice - Field Status will be updated at 3pm each day.  You can check CVAC Field Status at:


CFA Business Managers - Are you ready for some football???

By Mike Williams on 7/16/2014

For July 28th, CFA Business Managers has your team completed the following:

  1. Medical Release for Each Player
  2. Baseline Testing for Each Player (7th and 8th Grade)
  3. Are you ready for the GFL Certification?
  4. Does your on-line roster match the GFL submitted roster?
  5. My GFL Roster is compliant with the GFL By-Laws
  6. All of my Coaches have completed all the required CFA certification


Help CFA Kick Off BearCare on Saturday June 7th !!!

By Mike Williams on 5/30/2014

 Join Kevin Demoff - EVP & COO of St. Louis Rams; La’Roi Glover, NFL Vet & Rams Dir. of Player Engagement; Dr. Robert Paul, Biological Psychologist; plus other Rams players & personnel, CFA Families, and

What will WE do? 

We’ll address concerns surrounding concussions, staying hydrated and alert on the field, tackling, and more

What will YOU do?

Meet NFL celebrities, learn about football safety, try out some drills and maybe even become a Bear!

Where to go?  

The Elite Football Academy 17363 Edison Avenue

When is it?  

June 7th, 2014 from 11am - 1pm